Streaming Annotated Monthly – April 2021

Open community to discuss the last news and articles about streaming platforms and processing frameworks

This was a quite complex month for me but here we go with a new newsletter full of content: 76 articles and 5 new tools. Amazing! One of the interesting things I’ve discovered this month is another streaming data compilation by Guido Schmutz. If I only knew it before, I would never start this one!

I’m quite happy with the community we are building here and I plan to focus more on that. The Telegram group is working quite well and this is only the beginning. I have in mind to do some type of activity, maybe a Telegram Voice Chat  about the articles of the newsletter would be of interest for you? Let’s chat about it in the group.

For this month, I’ve also created a Goodreads group that already have more than 40 members. If, like me, books are your thing, join and let’s speak about them on this great platform.

That’s all! Learn a lot and stay safe!

Design and Architecture

Apache Kafka

Apache Pulsar

Kafka Streams, Kafka Connect, etc.

Apache Flink

Spark Structured Streaming

Apache Beam

Schema Management

Change Data Capture

Google Cloud




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