Streaming Annotated Monthly – March 2021

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Here we go another month with the Streaming Annotated Newsletter! I continue with my personal goal to find out how to make this more collaborative. The newsletter numbers are solid but I miss to have more interaction.

So let’s try something different: a Telegram group. I already participate in a couple of them (mainly Java related and StreamingHispano) and they are great. You can read from your phone and configure notifications by group. I will post there articles with 🌶️🌶️🌶️ and we can comment them or discuss whatever you want related to streaming.

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Architecture and design


Kafka on Kubernetes


Kafka Streams, Kafka Connect, etc.


Spark Structured Streaming

Apache Beam

Change Data Capture (CDC)

Google Cloud




It isn’t exactly streaming but it’s quite relevant for Flink, Kafka Streams, etc.


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