Streaming Annotated Monthly – May 2021

Open community to discuss the last news and articles about streaming platforms and processing frameworks

Here we go with another newsletter! 70 new articles, 7 tools and a new surprise. From April to May we have a lot of conferences, starting with the Kafka Summit (don’t miss the Kafka Summit Europe 2021 Recap) in April, Data + AI Summit (Spark) in May and the Pulsar Summit in June. There are also a lot of conferences for cloud & software. Do we need another event?


One of the comments in my last article was about getting together to share horror stories about Kafka deployments/outages so let’s do that! My idea is to use a Telegram Audio Chat (similar to Clubhouse) in the Telegram group but I’m open to other ideas.

If you have interest, sign up here!

Design and architecture

Apache Kafka

Kafka on Kubernetes

Apache Pulsar

Kafka Connect / KSQL / Kafka Streams

Apache Flink

Apache Spark

AsyncAPI and Schema Management

Change Data Capture

Google Cloud


Amazon AWS


That’s all! Comments?